We are a specialized non-fund sponsor focused on founding managing and high-growth tech-enabled higher education businesses that have a lasting social impact.


Higher Ed Focus.

We are a team of social entrepreneurs committed to transforming peoples’ lives and their communities through greater access to high quality and affordable higher education. As a lead sponsor of a global portfolio of tech-enabled enterprises focused exclusively on the higher education sector, we start, capitalize and manage high growth businesses through in-market operating teams, and provide them strategic direction, operational guidance and executive support.

Global Footprint.

Since 2005, we have been building higher education businesses globally, including in the United States, across Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking South America, Africa and Europe, and continue to evaluate new geographies for market entry.

Social Impact.

Our enterprises share one common mission focused on expanding access to high quality and affordable post-secondary education, creating more equity and social mobility for hundreds of thousands of students. We believe in the transformative power of higher education on peoples’ personal and professional lives and take pride in that our enterprises have contributed to addressing the affordability problem in the developed world and the accessibility problem in the developing world. Over the years, our portfolio businesses have given away thousands of scholarships to support educational advancement of those less fortunate and supported local communities through pro bono services at our dental, medical and legal clinics.